Bearded Punk Fest 4 CANCELLED Posted 25 Mar 2020

I think we all saw this coming right? Unfortunately we have to cancel Bearded Punk Fest IV... We'll send everyone who purchased a ticket a personal mail with refund instructions.

A big thank you to all the bands who wanted to play! Hopefully someday we can make it work.

For now keep safe, keep sane!

Beards out

50% gone!! Posted 19 Mar 2020

A few days ago we unleashed the new F.O.D. album to the world! After nearly one day our BPR variant (Milky clear with Orange Blob) is about to sell out! Don't sleep on it folks... Buy it now before it's to late!

F.O.D. shares new clip and entire 'Sleepville' Album Posted 18 Mar 2020

Now that the world's been put to sleep by the Corona Virus let's focus on a small town called 'Sleepville'.

Yesterday F.O.D. uploaded a new clip for a song called 'Annie'. She is the main character of the story.

Reviewers tend to describe every new punk album as 'nothing new' and 'already been done before'... Prepare yourselves because the punk barrier has been broken!!

Unfortunately the band was obligated to cancel their release show because of the virus. This means a huge financial slap in the face... Pls pre order the album so they can recover from this missery... BUY IT DIRECTLY WITH THE BAND AND NOT WITH US <3

Decent Criminal Postpone upcoming tour Posted 18 Mar 2020

You guessed it... That Corona bitch thing is hitting hard and right in the weak spot... Auch...

Unfortunately our beloved Decent Criminal has to postpone their upcoming tour... I for once was really looking forward to seeing those guys at least 3 times, def because Aerial Salad. was joining them...

F.O.D. unleashed new single called 'Feeling Gay" Posted 14 Feb 2020

Not sure about you but I've been feeling gay since 1988!

F.O.D. released a brand new clip for their song called 'Feeling Gay' which has been taken from their upcoming album Sleepville!

When seeing this clip for the first time a big smile appeared on my face... My colleagues' response: Are you looking at picture of food again?

Pre sale online in a few days!!!

Bearded Punk Fest IV Full Line Up! Posted 31 Jan 2020

We were planning on keeping this a secret for a little while longer, but as usual we completely suck at that.

That’s why we very proudly present to you our entire Bearded Punk Fest IV line up! Awesomely designed as ever by the incredible Mark Bell Illustration

Come and check out sets from Three Eyed Jack, You Nervous?, For I Am, F.O.D., The Priceduifkes, St. Plaster (LAST BE SHOW EVER), The Decline (AUS), Broadway Calls (US) & DIRECT HIT! (US)!!

Come on down to Het Debuut in Westerlo on Sunday May 3rd and order your tickets now via

Big love for these bands, big love for punk, big love for all of you!


F.O.D. shares first new single called 'Thirtysomething And Counting' Posted 28 Jan 2020

Check out the video for "Thirtysomething And Counting." The track finds the band building off their pop-punk pedigree, but they've layered track on top of track, approaching Roy Thomas Baker/Queen levels of harmony and sonic mass. The entire album finds the band getting more technical and more experimental, and the new track is just a glimpse of the bigger picture. For example, the new album tells the story of "Annie" in the town Sleepville, "a small provincial town where nothing really happens." And then things get weird. Also, the band is literally releasing an entire book coinciding with the album. Now, that's a dedication!

F.O.D. shares album art! Posted 19 Jan 2020

When we made the announce that we're going to release the new F.O.D. records we were not lying... we can't believe it ourselves... I guess that means 2020 is all about 'getting serious' in this business...

Stoked to be doing this together with our Wiretap Records and Thousand Islands Records budies!!

We just came back from the bank and they approved our loan application so that means we're going to announce something really really cool soon!

Write down the date: March 20th
FOD - "Sleepville": album release party

Bearded Punk Zine #1 (Dutch) Posted 14 Jan 2020

This Ain't Noise fest nog eens een magazine uit. Dit inspireerde ons om een beetje hetzelfde te doen, maar op iets regelmatige basis. Of dat gaan we toch proberen.

Bereid je voor op puur ge-ze-ver... Dit zine zal gratis verstuurd worden bij elke Belgische / Nederlandse bestelling (aangezien het in het nederlands geschreven is) via de website. Op shows zullen we een uiterst kleine hoeveelheid beschikbaar hebben... En dit elke maand.

Wat staat er in die eerste editie?
- interviews met Funeral Dress / F.O.D. / For I Am
- Bearded Punk Fest IV spoilers
- Wedstrijdvragen waarmee je coole CD pakketten kunt winnen

en nog zoveel meer... Deze worden ook maandelijks online gezet!