Drunktank's radio edit for 'Waste Away' Posted 07 May 2020

Listen to the OFFICIAL RADIO edit of Drunktank's "Waste Away'". We got rid of ALL the radio unfriendly components...

No shredding, no bending, no screaming, no loud drums, no slapping tha bass!

Thank you, Annie Acoustic

You Nervous uploaded new album called 'True Belief Posted 01 May 2020

We always support our local scene! Like we mentioned before we are going to release a bunch of Belgian bands!

Back in 2016 we released You Nervous?' first debut album "Furry Tales'.. Now 4 years later we can FINALLY announce we're gonna release their newest album 'True Belief' together with our buds from Morning Wood Records!

PRE ORDER ONLINE SOON but you can already BUY the digital album on their bandcamp!

Listen + buy here:

F.O.D. uploaded new song! Posted 29 Apr 2020

Yesterday our entire house flooded due to the massive rainfall...

Thank god for new music... thumbs up F.O.D. for this absolute banger...

BPR variant: 40 left and then it’s sold out forever!!

“Sometimes I wanna be left alone”

Pre order 'Mute - The Raven' now! Posted 19 Apr 2020

A lot of people have been asking us if we could arrange a EU distro for People of Punk Rock Records... and well... We did!!!!

For those who wanted to buy the "Smokey Brown" repress of MUTE's The Raven Bearded Punk is THE place to be!

pre order it now:

People who also want to buy a previously released POPR album, send us a PM so we can order it for you as well!


Decent Crimminal uploaded 'Shaun Of The Dead' themed clip for their song 'Bleached' Posted 11 Apr 2020

"Press play" cause you have nothing else to do, right?

Decent Criminal just uploaded this awesome "Shaun Of The Dead" theme clip for their song 'Bleached'.

We released this album a while ago but it is still one of our favorite records ever...

Unfortunately the band had to cancel their upcoming EU tour with Aerial Salad.... Let's hope they can make it here for their slot at SJOCK Festival

<3 Stay safe my friends...

Another Spanish Love Songs pressing? Posted 02 Apr 2020

We did another repress for Spanish Love Songs' Giant Sings The Blues... Pink vinyl this time... We have 30 available copies...

So because it's April 2nd today means this is not a joke!

Bearded Punk Fest 4 CANCELLED Posted 25 Mar 2020

I think we all saw this coming right? Unfortunately we have to cancel Bearded Punk Fest IV... We'll send everyone who purchased a ticket a personal mail with refund instructions.

A big thank you to all the bands who wanted to play! Hopefully someday we can make it work.

For now keep safe, keep sane!

Beards out

50% gone!! Posted 19 Mar 2020

A few days ago we unleashed the new F.O.D. album to the world! After nearly one day our BPR variant (Milky clear with Orange Blob) is about to sell out! Don't sleep on it folks... Buy it now before it's to late!

F.O.D. shares new clip and entire 'Sleepville' Album Posted 18 Mar 2020

Now that the world's been put to sleep by the Corona Virus let's focus on a small town called 'Sleepville'.

Yesterday F.O.D. uploaded a new clip for a song called 'Annie'. She is the main character of the story.

Reviewers tend to describe every new punk album as 'nothing new' and 'already been done before'... Prepare yourselves because the punk barrier has been broken!!

Unfortunately the band was obligated to cancel their release show because of the virus. This means a huge financial slap in the face... Pls pre order the album so they can recover from this missery... BUY IT DIRECTLY WITH THE BAND AND NOT WITH US <3

Decent Criminal Postpone upcoming tour Posted 18 Mar 2020

You guessed it... That Corona bitch thing is hitting hard and right in the weak spot... Auch...

Unfortunately our beloved Decent Criminal has to postpone their upcoming tour... I for once was really looking forward to seeing those guys at least 3 times, def because Aerial Salad. was joining them...