Lone Wolf added to Sjock Line up! Posted 27 Feb 2019

LONE WOLF just got added to the SJOCK Festival line up together with Flogging Molly and so many others!!!

This festival is going to be rad!!!

Lone Wolf records still for sale in our webshop!!

Did we already tell you this band got added to the Pouzza FEST line up as well? And more news on the way!

Buy the album now before it's too late!

The Waiting Game uploaded lyric vid for 'Faith'. Posted 26 Feb 2019

The Waiting Game uploaded a lyric video for the opening track 'Faith' taken from their upcoming EP 'Underneath The Surface'.

Pre order it now!

Vinyl lovers: We added 3 bonustracks to the vinyl + first 10

pre orders will get a free official test pressing!!!!! <3

See you all at The Waiting Game "Underneath The Surface" Release Show on March 22nd !!!

St Plaster Uploaded Second Single Called “You're Making It Worse” Posted 20 Feb 2019

BIG NEWS! St. Plaster uploaded their second and last single called “You're Making It Worse”. The band also mentioned they're quiting this October...

We all know this limited press is going to sell out really fast and you only have 1 shot at owning a copy...

Pre order the album now! We only have 40 available vinyl and 80 available cd's... I'm not joking...

The band will play Brakrock Ecofest 2019, EL TOPO GOES LOCO 2019: Welcome to the ska punk jungle! AND Bearded Punk Fest 3!!!


Pre-orders available here:



St. Plaster Newest Addition To Roster Posted 31 Jan 2019

Bearded Punk Records is extremely proud to welcome to its roster a new band called St. Plaster! St. Plaster is a short lived punkrock project founded by Adrian Delange (Call It Off) and Tim van Doorn (Big Dog Recordings).

Both feeling the need to make some old-school 90s punk rock again, they started writing a handful of songs and recorded their self-titled debut in no-time. 13 songs with a total playtime of 27 minutes. The record is loud, fast and bratty; mimicking the likes of No Use For A Name, early Green Day, Rancid, Bad Religion and any other band that made punk rock the genre to listen to in the last century.

They just released their debut single called "RUN TO YOUR SHELTERS"! You can listen to it NOW!! The album will be released in a very limited run by White Russian Recordsand Bearded Punk Records.

!!The band will tour their selftitled record exclusively in 2019 before returning to their regular projects so don´t miss out on your first and perhaps final opportunity to see them rock a select few stages!!

Problem Daughter is gritty and catchy in “Self Amusing Smile” Posted 24 Jan 2019

Started by high school friends all the way back in 2008, Salt Lake City, Utah’s Problem Daughter play music that falls somewhere between punk-rock and catchy, upbeat pop-punk melodies. They mix these things together in a way that is more than just the same few chords and screaming, blending together the best parts of gritty punk with structure and melodies to keep you intrigued.

Problem Daughter have made a name for themselves through playing crowded basement rooms, and it shows through their music. Recently, as well, the band were features as the representative for Utah in Kerrang’s United States of Punk feature.

The band is gearing ups o release their new album, Grow Up Trash, via Wiretap Records (home of Divided Heaven, Radar State, Odd Robot, Audi Karate, Spanish Love Songs, etc.) on March 22nd. Today, we have the exclusive premiere of their new single, “Self Amusing Smile,” which you can find below. The track will be available everywhere tomorrow, January 25th.

“My wife hates it here. Salt Lake City suffers from a fuck-ton of inversion, which is pollution trapped between our beautiful mountains. She ended up with pneumonia and every winter is a struggle for her. That’s not the end of it! The state declared a public health crisis for porn. For porn! Fucking dumbasses,” explains Problem Daughter bassist/vocalist Regan Ashton on the new track. “This song is also about a bunch of old ass Mormons still calling the shots and I’m sorry for it. It is destructive and embarrassing. All I can do is try to make it better and be the smile in your dimly lit room…but don’t get me started on that 0.05 BAC. Fucking idiots.”

Spanish Love Songs announce 3rd pressing for Gaint SIngs The Blues Posted 18 Jan 2019

After announcing Ptoblem Daughter would be joining our family, we've now got a second surprise in store for you!

EDIT: Test Pressings are gone!! Thank you so much for the support

The 3rd pressing Spanish Love Songs' debut album ‘Giant Sings The Blues’ is available for pre-order now... This time it was pressed on beautiful Opaque Orange Vinyl.

For US pressing, go Wiretap Records


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Problem Daughter (US) newest members of the BPR family Posted 17 Jan 2019

Why only do 2 vinyl releases when you can do 3, right? March is going to be the best month ever... We are beyond stoked with this announcement... Welcome Probel Daughter to our label roster!!! This Salt Lake City, UT gang played a killer set at The Fest.. Time to bring them to the EU!

We'll be releasing their upcoming album "Grow Up Trash" on March 22nd!

Another fine co-release with our buddies from Wiretap Records

Yes... Same date as The Waiting Game

First song online next week!!

The Waiting Game part of the BPR family! Upcoming album March 22nd Posted 28 Dec 2018

Time to expand our horizons in 2019! So, here's a big and warm welcome to the Bearded Punk Records family to the guys from The Waiting

These Belgian indie punk rockers might not be what you'd call the "usual BPR band", but that's all the more reason for us to invite you to listen to their brand new single "Underneath The Surface", which will be released along with its namesake EP in physical format in March of 2019 by... us, of course