Punk Rock Holiday Jackpot Posted 21 Nov 2018

Bearded Punk Records hit the jackpot! Not 1 but 2 BPR bands are playing at Punk Rock Holiday!!!

Make sure you check out The Dopamines and For I Am!!

Buy tickets:

Last BPR sign for 2018 called 'Fever Days' Posted 14 Nov 2018

Cat's out of the bag!

Last physical BPR release of the year: Fever Days!
These guys are young, poppy, punky and eager to rock the stages!

Buy ther album now!

Eat Defeat have uploaded a new video for “Running In Place”. Posted 12 Nov 2018

Pop punk Eat Defeat have uploaded a new video for “Running In Place”.

Catch them on tour during November with The Human Project and REHASHER

15/11 – Ashford - UK
16/11 - World Skate Center – The Netherlands
17/11 – El Topo Goes Frigo – Mol (Belgium)

UK tour with Rehasher (USA)

22/11 - The Hive, Manchester (w/ Rehasher)
23/11 - Sticky Mike's Frog Bar, Brighton (w/ Rehasher)
24/11 - New Cross Inn, London (w/ Rehasher)
25/11 - Redrum, Stafford (w/Rehasher)

Bearded Punk is distributing Decent Criminal's album Bloom Posted 09 Nov 2018

Sometimes you coincidentally stumble upon a hidden gem. That's what happened when we found out about Decent Criminal from long beach, California!

Their first song we listened to was "Deviant", which you can listen to below and which is a live recording from a Bridge City Sessions session! It's a track off their latest album Bloom which was released by Dodgeball Records (US).

We were sold. Just like that.

So we contacted these fine gentlemen and now we're proud to be able to distribute the album in Europe through our shop!

Find the album in our shop and ORDER NOW

Lost From The Start UK adventure Posted 02 Nov 2018

Lost From The Start just announced their UK tour! esides our chocolate, fries and beer this is the best Belgium has to offer! So go and check them out!!

The Dopamines are coming to EU! Posted 01 Nov 2018

The Dopamines are coming to EU for a small tour!! If you want to book them PM us!

We released their latest album ‘Tales of interest’ a year ago! Grab a copy before it’s too late!

First confirmed show Brakrock Ecofest (aug 3)!!

Pas De Chance decided to call it a day. Posted 27 Oct 2018

Owning a record label sometimes brings sad news... Today Pas de Chance is playing their last show ever. The band decided to call it a day...

They're leaving with a bang cause they'll be playing at Groezrock Indoor.

We would like to thank to band for putting their trust in us. We enjoyed our time together and wish them the best.

Lone Wolf Announce US tour incl The Fest (Gainsville) Posted 20 Oct 2018

Lone Wolf is playing at THE FEST and we are extremely sad we couldn't join them on their trip...

My US friends.. Listen carefully... Do yourself a favor and go see one of these absolute cuties' shows... Give them all hugs from me cause they are far away from home!! <3

Sun-0-Bathers Announced 'Local Warming Tour' Posted 17 Oct 2018

Today the thermometer read 26 degrees Celsius. Talk about a "Local Warming"!

The perfect weather for Sun-0-Bathers to hit the road! Be sure to check them out somewhere along the way.

Lost From The Start streams entire album Posted 15 Oct 2018

Beautiful releases like Lost From The Start’s are Few And Far Between (see what I did there)…

But here’s some even beautifulerderder news for you!

Starting today, LFTS’s new album is available for streaming! As of now this pop punk gem can be entirely found and listened to on Spotify via the link below.

Moreover, you can now also officially pre-order the jewel case CD via our web shop.

And as if that wasn’t enough, the guys ‘n gal from LFTS are also throwing a fantastic shower for their newborn THIS Friday, October 19, @Lost From The Start CD-Release @Jeugdhuis De Klinker in Aarschot. They will be sharing the stage with none other than Tim van Doorn, The Rocket, Altitude and St. Jimmy's!

Streaming the album here:

Punk Rock against War Posted 22 Sep 2018

Two of our own - For I Am & Sun-0-Bathers - are on this unbelievably cool compilation for charity by Inconsapevole Records called Punk Rock against War // a punk rock compilation for charity!

They're on there with a shitload of the best bands such as Propagandhi, Good Riddance, 88 Fingers Louie, Authority Zero, Adhesive, Satanic Surfers, No Fun At All, Belvedere Band, Bodyjar, Almeida - UK, CAMP HIGH GAIN, Darko, F.O.D., 7Years, Ten Foot Pole, Guttermouth, MARCH, Not Scientists, MUTE, Pmx, Straightline, SUCH GOLD, This Is A Standoff, The Human Project, Wasei Hey Go, The Decline, 69 enfermos and many more!