Full Line Up Bearded Punk Fest 2 Posted 08 May 2018

Unfortunately River Jumpers are calling it quits

Do you wanna see them one last time??? Then Bearded Punk Fest 2 is the place to be... This will be the band's last show ever...

Let's end their aventure with a massive BANG...

Other bands: Straightline, F.O.D., Lone Wolf, For I m, Eat Defeat, Charlie Bit My Finger, Captain Kaiser, Three Eyed Jack.

Place to be: JH Nootuitgang!

Lone Wolf (NL) added to our roster Posted 03 May 2018

We are extremely stoked we can finally announce we added Rotterdam's finest, LONE WOLF, to our BPR roster!!

The band will release its debut album on September 8 through Stardumb Records (NL) and Bearded Punk Records (BE).

To celebrate this joyful news the band released a 7" record for their 'Get Along' single with another new track on the B-side.

You can buy the 7" in our online webstore!

Listen below and let Lone Wolf dazzle you with their newest single "Get Along"!

Nothing but love for this band ❤!

Gig time!!! Posted 30 Apr 2018

Bearded Punk Records and Brakrock Ecofest are filled with joy. We have the great honor of hosting the first BE show for SideOneDummy's coolest Canadian band "PKEW PKEW PKEW".

Second band on the bill is "The Run Up". These boys from Bristol have carved out a strong reputation in their homeland UK scene, on the basis of their fun, energetic and passionate live shows.

Third band on the bill are Belgian pop punkers For I Am. Catchy tunes and singalongs galore with these guys 'n gal!

The last band on the bill are local heroes RIch Widows.

Damage: 8 euro
At the doors: 10 euro


New release Hans Roofthooft - Acoustic & Red Cloud split! Posted 02 Apr 2018

So I guess it's been way too quiet here... Let's change that!

In Exactly 10 days we're releasing another Red Cloud/ Hans Roofthooft - Acoustic Split CD called "Deux"!

Listen to the entire album below.

Sun-0-Bathers joins BPR Roster Posted 02 Mar 2018

Say hi to our newest BPR band called Sun-0-Bathers.

Sun-0-Bathers is a punk rock four piece from Leeuwarden, The Netherlands and was founded in the summer of 2017. High speed melodic 90’s punk rock, lightning fast solo’s, and a modern approach of old-school slightly distorted vocals mixed with the occasional catchy “ooh’s and aah’s”. As if Zeke, Pennywise and Night Birds had an romantic affair with a quite pleasant lovechild as a result.

They just released their debut EP called 'Global Warming'. This album is released by Bearded Punk Records, Morning Wood, Melody Punk Style and No Affiliation!

Buy it now on our BPR shop!

Pas De Chance: New Line-Up, New Attitude, New Song! Posted 01 Mar 2018

Pas De Chance recently announced a chance the their Line-UP. For those who missed it: Pas De Chance is a four piece from now on. Thomas aka Tommie is their new bassplayer. He earned his stripes in a Clash tributeband called The Rude Boys. Sounds good right?

Their new guitarplayer comes straight outta Beringen and is the baddest emo kid around the block. Jeroen aka Lieb played and sang in bands as Cornflames,Nuns go Riot and Rusk.

Yesterday the band released a brand new song on their bandcamp page called 'While We're Burning'. Listen to the song below.

Charlie Bit My Finger On Pouzza Fest!! Posted 01 Mar 2018

We are beyond stoked to inform you that Charlie Bit My Finger is playing f***ing Pouza Fest (Canada). They're sharing the stage with Face To Face, Reel Big Fish, Anti-Flag, A Wilhelm SCream and a lot more! These boys are on their way to become a solid name in the punk scene. We at Bearded Punk Records are so proud of these boys. More Canadian dates soon!

Steele Justice Uploaded New Video For 'Send In The Clowns'. Posted 27 Feb 2018

Blank TV has just premiered Belgian 90’s punk rock band Steele Justice’s video for Send In The Clowns. !!!!!

Cake smashing and party popping galore, coming from this Kid Dynamite and The Goonies love baby!

Sure don’t wanna clean up this mess