Ten Foot Pole Uploaded First Song Of Acoustic Record Posted 30 Aug 2020

We still can't truly believe we are going to release an exclusive variant of Ten Foot Pole's upcoming acoustic album 'Simmer Down'.

The band just uploaded their very first single called 'Sarcasm Decoder'. Press play, enjoy and pre order the album now!

Pkew Pkew Pkew Added To Official Tony Hawk Pro Skater Playlist! Posted 29 Aug 2020

If you told us 5 years ago one of our former bands would be included in the official Tony Hawk pro skater 1 - 2 tracklist with a song we actually (re-) realesed I'd say you were crazy...

But it's not a joke and we are beyond stoked, amazed that PKEW PKEW PKEW (and a lot of other AWESOME bands) earned their spot on the list with their 'Mid 20's Skateboarder' which was taken from their +ONE record we still have for sale... FUCK YEAH!

Stream Tim Van Doorn/ newest EP Now! Posted 20 Aug 2020

This Monday we'll try and cheer you up with double happy news... Later today (around 5 PM) we're announcing our VERY FIRST Bearded Punk Acoustic Records release.

Let's kick off this morning with Tim van Doorn's newest EP called '14 Minutes Of Ignorance'... This is a digital release only... Maybe we'll release it on wax if 100 people send us a mail about it :P

Listen and enjoy!

(Click Image)

A New Labels Means Release New Music Right? Posted 18 Aug 2020

How about this.. During this lockdown we watched tons of live streams cause we missed music so much... One of the bands we watched most was Ten Foot Pole... Today we can finally tell we'll be releasing an EXCLUSIVE variant of their upcoming acoustic album " Simmer Down"...

Ten Foot Pole’s new album of acoustic guitar driven songs (there’s also bass, sparse drums and various guests) features six brand new, unreleased songsalbum of acoustic guitar driven songs!!

Pre order now! <3

BPR AC - 001

We Just started A New Label.. I Guess? Posted 15 Aug 2020

These are crazy times for every single one of us…

There’s a lot of time to focus on the people we love and there’s a lot of time to clear our minds and think things through.

Have you ever found yourself getting a day older and beginning to appreciate some easy listening? Well, we have!
And that is exactly why we are founding a subsidiary of our label called “Bearded Punk Records – Acoustic”.

Although punk rock will remain our core business, by launching BPR-AC we want to try to reach a wider audience that appreciates acoustic music as much as we do!

We believe in our DIY scene.
We believe in BPR.
We believe in you!

On Monday we’ll announce our first release!

Time to get excited! We sure are!

The BPR (-Acoustic) Team