10 available BPR mystery boxes!! Posted 03 Sep 2019

Let's do something crazy!!

We're selling 10 BPR mystery boxes!!!

5 random BPR releases for only 50EUR!!

- The Priceduifkes - Goathorse
- For I Am - All ABout Perspectives
- The Penske File - Burn Into The Earth
- The Dopamines - Tales Of Interest
- Steele Justice - Neonlight Blues
- Captain Kaiser - Dog Days On Deck
- LONE WOLF - Lone Wolf
- Eat Defeat - I Think We'll Be OK
- Spanish Love Songs - Giant Sings The Blues
- Hans Roofthooft Music - Skeletons
- Problem Daughter - Grow Up Trash
- The Waiting Game - Underneath The Surface
- Funeral Dress - Come On Follow
- EAT DIRT. - Death Is Death
- Decent Criminal - Bliss
- Drunktank - Return Of The Infamous Four
- The Decline - Flash Gordon Ramsay Street

Lost From The start uploaded a Punk Medley... And we love it! Posted 26 Aug 2019

Lost From The Start is going to take you back on a pop punk field trip. During 7 heavily curated pop punk anthems, they are going to relive some iconic video moments together with you.

Although their acting skills aren’t nearly as good as the real deal, they sure had an amazing time recreating these songs and videos, sprinkling their own flavour on top of it.

Pkew Pkew Pkew EU support Millencolin Posted 20 Aug 2019

PKEW PKEW PKEW on the road with Millencolin!!! 2020 is going to be epic!

Never heard of Pkewx3? Well I suggest you buy that '+ONE' album we released almost a year ago!

All songs about drinking beer and eating pizza!

Pressed on a limited Cherry Cola vinyl!!

Come On Follow arrived!! Posted 18 Jul 2019

What's new today?

Well, a few days ago we received Funeral Dress 's "Come On Follow" vinyl! All pre orders have been shipped yesterday so keep an eye out for your mailbox today!

This release is limited to 300 and we're almost sold out so if you want one go to our website or buy your copy at Kaiser Fest 2019!!!

What a line up: PSYCHO 44, CRACKUPS and out very own The Priceduifkes, The Copyrights, LONE WOLF, Captain Kaiser, Hans Roofthooft Music, Fever Days

The best scene is your local scene <3

Our own crowd funding Posted 17 Jun 2019

This is our own little version of a GoFundMe!

If you want to support Bearded Punk Records and keep our (local) scene alive, or if you are looking for the perfect gift for your sister, Dad, bestie or Grandma, don't hesitate to order these babies!

Shirts, tanks, zipper hoodies and totes all available with our brand new logo!

Get them now by sending an e-mail with the item(s) and size(s) you'd wish to order to!

We need you! We love you! <3
The BPR team

Drunktank newest addition BPR family!!! Posted 30 Apr 2019

Drunktank is damaging ears and drinking your beers since 2003. It's been a while since this band released new music so when we received a brand new album in our mailbox with a ltter if we'd be up for releasing is we didn't have to think twice!

Today is also revealtime! Here is the cover for their new album upcoming 'RETURN OF THE INFAMOUS FOUR'...

New music online soon!!!

Bearded Punk Records is dead! Say 'hi' to our newest label!! Posted 29 Apr 2019

All of you that came and checked out our distro stand at GROEZROCK2019 discovered the big news.

Goodbye to BEARDed Punk Records. Hello to BEARded Punk Records! Mhehehehe…

With a lot of cool things coming up for the label, we decided it was time to let go of the past and fully focus on the future and on our beloved bands. And how better to do that than through a brand new logo say hi to our fresh and funky bear logo, created by none other than the amazingly talented Mark Bell Illustration!