Pas De Chance streams entire album Posted 02 Jan 2017

Happy New Year everyone! Hope the hangover isn't too bad? Let's start 2017 with a bang! Pas de Chance is streaming their new EP! Check it out below!

The Priceduifkes joined our scruffy family & Uploaded first single "Full Clown" Posted 29 Dec 2016

The coolest punkband from the (bloody bloody) kempen are joining our scruffy family and we are really really really really, really really really proud of it! That's right.. The m*ther*cking Priceduifkes are joining the roster! We're co-releasing 'Goathorse' together with Monster Zero and Rad Girlfriend Records. The album will be released on Feb. 25th. So keep an eye out for the pre order link! For now you can watch their latest hit and video clip called "Full clown"... Check ik out below!

Aree And The Pure Heart Releases very first Music Video for “American Love” Posted 28 Dec 2016

Boy oh boy, do we have a treat for you!! Our boys Aree and the Pure Heart just dropped their very first video... ever! The sweethearts put 'American Love' to visuals and it turned out really cool (if we say so ourselves). Here's what Aree himself had this to say about it:

“American Love is a song about the struggle of what it means to be a part of America in these days. It speaks to the double-edged nature of the relationship conscious Americans have with a country that has so much to offer, while simultaneously breaking your heart with a long trail of ongoing violence and oppression."

Check out the song below!

For I Am covers Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” Posted 14 Dec 2016

The cuties from For I Am posted their very first music video, a cover of Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space”.

Apparently Kanye West heard it, went off on a rant about how he didn’t understand the female-fronted pop-punk band from Belgium didn’t pick one of his songs and then checked himself into the nearest psychiatric hospital.

The song serves as a teaser for their debut full-length, which will be released via Bearded Punk records, and others (spoiler!!) early next year.

Olde Souls reveal new song “Carry You” Posted 13 Dec 2016

So basically we can't get enough of our newest label babies 'Olde Souls'. We asked very nicely if they wanted to première their newest song 'Carry on' and guess what... They said yes :D

"Carry You" walks that fine line between emo and 80s indie-rock. The band details the violent scene of smashed guitars and broken jaws by juxtaposing that rage over a shimmering atmosphere. But, while the songs starts with a quiet roll, suddenly, the song tilts and things become much more cagey.

You can read the entire article and watch the video here. Or you can just watch the video below if you're to lazy like me!

Spanish Love Songs Perform “Concrete” Acoustic Posted 12 Dec 2016

You know what they say! When in Germany, do an acoustic session… at least that’s what they said over at Dressed In Black Sessions convinced Bearded Punk Records to be the normal way to go when they were over in Münster during the Spanish Love Songs European tour.

Dylan Slocum and Kyle McAulay, 2/4’s of SLS, had a go at a quieter version of “Concrete.” Enjoy, cry, repeat!

Olde Souls join Bearded Punk Records, reveal video for “Hope Is Where The Heart Is” Posted 08 Dec 2016

Belgium punk rockers Olde Souls have joined Bearded Punk Records, with plans of releasing their debut 3-track EP this coming December. As a preview the quartet has unveiled the music video for “Hope Is Where The Heart Is”, check it out below.

Olde Souls are four people that met by coincidence. A trusted old recipe with a fresh twist, brought about by the dynamic of a new friendship. Their blend of americana melodies and punk rock punch is both soothing and uplifting. The autobiographical lyrics deal with failure and regret, are often of a melancholic quality but always exhibit a thirst for being alive. Olde Souls’ punk rock deliverance has a raw honesty to it and is firmly rooted in classic rock, comparable to such acts as: The Replacements, The Hold Steady, Hot Water Music or The Gaslight Anthem.

Pas De Chance new on BPR + premiere first single 'The Ocean' Posted 08 Dec 2016

People who think that there are no good new bands popping up in the Belgian scene are dead wrong. The next generation is here and ready to takeover. Well NEXT generation… our latest signing isn’t really new to the game. Hailing from legendary bands as The Headshots, Teenage Lust and Dead Zero, these dudes have already proven more than their stripes. We proudly introduce our newest Bearded Punk Records members: Pas de Chance. If you think a musical love baby between the likes of Rancid, Banner Pilot and Dead To Me would be the raddest thing ever, we urge you to head over to now and check out the premiere of PDC’s very first single ‘The Ocean’.

"'Take me to see the Ocean and win my heart' was one of the first things my girlfriend ever told me. So the Ocean has a personal meaning I guess. We wrote all the songs with the intention that they would fall in place on a long drive on a lonely highway. The Ocean has that vibe to us and we hope it moves someone out there too!"

Some new animals joined the BPR barn Posted 05 Oct 2016

Our vision here at Bearded Punk has always been finding fresh new bands with shitloads of talent that are probably going to break international fame fam and make us tons of money. Our next signing matches that description perfectly. They literally played their very first show early april (that’s 7 months ago), but these hipsterpunx already raked up a list of achievements that many bands will be (and should be) jealous of.

Opening slots for the likes of Jeff Rosenstock, Pale Angels and Apologies, i have none, a spot on Belgian National radio Studio Brussel’s contest finals ‘De Nieuwe Lichting 2017’ and of course mega jamz during their set at Summer In October 2016. PLUS something really, really cool is still to be announced. Keep an eye on our pages for that next week or so.

We were basically in love from the first time we heard them and therefor we asked them if we could help them release their debut EP physically on limited amount of cds. Belgium/world, it’s time to start getting used to Drum Drum Dance Dance, because you’ll be seeing a lot of them!

Own your very own Spanish Love Songs Posted 27 Jul 2016

EU chumps! Spanish Love Songs’ ‘Giant Sings The Blues’ is available for pre-sale NOW!! Get it while it’s hot.

US buddies please head over to our baes Wiretap Records. You’ll save 10000000$ on shipping!

:3 :3 :3 :3 :3 <3

Kamikaze Girls // Sad Posted 15 Jul 2016

Often people don’t recognise what faith is until it hits them in the face hard. We’ve never had a clearer vision of purpose then during our first encounter with Lucinda Livingstone, Kamikaze Girls' badass guitar wielder and vocalist extraordinaire. The by now legendary introductory words: ‘hey we have a label, any chance you want to join us?’, set in motion a series of events that led up to today. A day that we consider to be one of the most memorable, raddest and humbling in our longish time as punk scene participants.

We’re super proud to finally announce that we’ll be releasing Kamikaze Girls debut EP ’Sad’ on 12” cyan blue/black splatter. It will be out September 2nd via BPR and its already available for pre-order via (EU) or (UK/US). Big shout out to our brothers at Wiretap Records (US) for once again co-releasing with us from all across the Atlantic!

Bearded Punk Records freshest faces also dropped a video for their first single ‘Stitches’. It’s debuting on Upset Magazine right now and it’s sure to be the soundtrack to your boring Friday at work, the weekend and eventually just your entire summer. Check it out NOW!