Us and You Nervous? are a thing now Posted 14 Dec 2015

Guess who’s back, back again…?

No it’s not the Backstreet Boys. But you’re close! Belgian 2015 Punk Rock Holiday act You Nervous? is back (from never really been gone, I guess?) with their FIRST EVER FULL LENGTH: “Furry Tales”. An 11 song counting melodic/pop/skate punk banger that’s going to flip the Belgian punkscene upside down, and then the other way up again.

Furry Tales will be released on the 23rd of January via Bearded Punk Records. Their releaseshow will be held on the same day (weird huh?) in Gent Glas! Dresscode: Furry, forrest and boy-scouts. We’re not even joking! The guys already arts-and-crafted you a sick teaser video. Check it out below.

Hans Roofthooft (F.O.D.) / Red Cloud announce split Posted 10 Dec 2015

It’s always great to see cool friends do cool stuff! Hans Roofthooft (F.O.D.) and Red Cloud (Teun Van Aerschot // Generation 84, Break Of Day), two of Belgium’s most amazing and unique vocalists teamed up for a surprise 5 song split release. The guys chucked me the whole thing just a few hours ago and asked me if I wanted to drop a couple of tunes for you today. “Fuck yeah” was my obvious answer. As this is probably the most hasty release I’ve ever done, I’m not even going to try and act prepared. I'll just let the music do all the talking for once...

Coma Commander stream 'Council Of The Jackalope' in full Posted 23 Nov 2015

When we first started this label, I would've never thought that I would get the opportunity to work with one of the best bands in the Belgian music scene. Being heavily influenced by class acts as RVIVR and Latterman, it might come as no surprise that Coma Commander quickly became my new all time favorite Belgian band. Today I'm, (WE'RE), extremely proud to finally present the new EP to you guys. 'Council Of The Jackalope' is one wild ride of just raw, catchy punk tunes and well amongst the best things you'll hear the next few months. From fast Off With Their Heads-esque bangers as 'Christopher Robin And The Giant Blisters' to Iron Chic-ish melodic stuff as 'Broken Bottles And Empty Veins', we're more than sure that you'll find something in this you like. You can buy the album in our shop!

"Beste oewt" - Some guy, somewhere, probably