Own your very own Spanish Love Songs Posted 27 Jul 2016

EU chumps! Spanish Love Songs’ ‘Giant Sings The Blues’ is available for pre-sale NOW!! Get it while it’s hot.

US buddies please head over to our baes Wiretap Records. You’ll save 10000000$ on shipping!

:3 :3 :3 :3 :3 <3

Kamikaze Girls // Sad Posted 15 Jul 2016

Often people don’t recognise what faith is until it hits them in the face hard. We’ve never had a clearer vision of purpose then during our first encounter with Lucinda Livingstone, Kamikaze Girls' badass guitar wielder and vocalist extraordinaire. The by now legendary introductory words: ‘hey we have a label, any chance you want to join us?’, set in motion a series of events that led up to today. A day that we consider to be one of the most memorable, raddest and humbling in our longish time as punk scene participants.

We’re super proud to finally announce that we’ll be releasing Kamikaze Girls debut EP ’Sad’ on 12” cyan blue/black splatter. It will be out September 2nd via BPR and its already available for pre-order via (EU) or (UK/US). Big shout out to our brothers at Wiretap Records (US) for once again co-releasing with us from all across the Atlantic!

Bearded Punk Records freshest faces also dropped a video for their first single ‘Stitches’. It’s debuting on Upset Magazine right now and it’s sure to be the soundtrack to your boring Friday at work, the weekend and eventually just your entire summer. Check it out NOW!

Steele Justice, from the 3600 to BPR Posted 19 Jun 2016

You know how a normal label signs bands well before their official release and supports them in the whole process to it? Well we just signed a band RIGHT AFTER their release party! Whaatttttt?

Steele Justice has been one of the hardest working up and comers in the Belgian punk scene. Their energetic live shows, work ethics and overal coolness as human beings sparked a serious love plug here at BPR! Once we saw that they're also into cheap beer we were sold.

It's important to keep supporting your local bands! Especially if you have so many good ones!

Welcome to the family boyz! 3600 <3

Watch Coma Commander play Groezrock Posted 23 May 2016

After their set @ GROEZROCK, our baes in Coma Commander did an acoustic sesh for Just like your mom and Punktastic in a fancy green container. It's on the youtubez now!

Ow yeah! Olde Style Music Nights also filmed their entire set! SICK RIGHT?

Jon Creeden & The Flying Hellfish (also) play FEST Posted 17 May 2016

REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY,... proud to announce that a second Bearded Punk Records mega babe/band is playing this year's THE FEST! Our main Canadians Jon Creeden & The Flying Hellfish will be shredding up GNV, rock city later this year! They were part of the second batch of amazing names which also included Iron Chic, Dillinger Four Official, The Ergs, MASKED INTRUDER, RVIVR, PUP, Cheap Girls, Mean Jeans, and total buddies SUCH GOLD! Earlier ‪#‎FESY already announced that our newest squad Kamikaze Girls will be playing too. We're some stoked little Belgians over here!

Kamikaze Girls (UK) join BPR squad (play FEST) Posted 17 May 2016

We’re super stoked and proud to announce that Kamikaze Girls from the UK is joining our dysfunctional little family! Those of you that saw them tear up Crossbonefest earlier last month will immediately understand why we asked these super babes to do some cool stuff together. More on that later though! Now it’s time to sit back, relax and book your plane tickets to Florida to see KG play FEST /w the likes of Latterman, The Menzingers,Captain, We're Sinking, Off With Their Heads, Propagandhi, A Wilhelm Scream,... and many more!

Spanish Love Songs (US) newest BPR babes Posted 02 May 2016

We know they haven’t woken up in the great Americaz yet but fuck it, we just can’t wait any longer! We’re so stoked to announce that us and Wiretap Records (US) will be co-releasing Spanish Love Songs’ brilliant debut album ‘Giant Sings The Blues’ on VINYL! This also kinda means that we’re now SLS’ Euro daddies! Alright, Alright, Alright! US babes, go a spin.

Spanish Love Songs are playing a couple of VERY cool shows the next few weeks one of them opening up for the great Red City Radio, the other playing a SOLD OUT Punk Rock Bowling and Music Festival SHOW /w Good Riddance, H2O and Death By Stereo. MUCH LOVE!

If you’re not familiar with SLS major jams yet give them a spin below. More news somewhere in the near future! ‪#‎BPR009 ‪#‎BPRBABES2K16 ‪#‎PRB

Bearded Punk Records band Coma Commander plays Groezrock Posted 14 Mar 2016

We're insanely proud to announce that Bearded Punk Records band Coma Commander is playing Groezrock 2016. The boys are sharing the festival ground with punk rock greats as Rancid and Dillinger Four. Playing the legendary festival ground inmediatly means playing yourself in the anals (hehe) of Belgian punk rock history.

Jon Creeden joins Bearded Punk Records family Posted 15 Feb 2016

We discovered our next Bearded Punk Records international family member when one of the most respected dudes in the Belgian punk rock scene approached us to do a show for him. Our jaw almost dropped to the floor when he heard his very first demo track Nail biter. 'The song Hot Water Music is just waiting to write' the dude said. He wasn't kidding. Immediately we checked if this amazing band was up for doing something together and well... our next BPR baby was born!

We are super stoked to announce that we're teaming up with THE FEST 14 / Pouzza FEST '15 act Jon Creeden & His Flying Hellfish (CAN) to release an exclusive limited amount (100) of hand made collector demo tapes for their up and coming Euro tour with Chris Snelgrove Music. The tape will contain all the The Flying Hellfish demo songs released so far + some previously unreleased Jon Creeden solo tracks. Also one of those snazzy download codes for convenience.

The tape will be available starting the 25th of February. If you want to be sure you get one you can pre-order yours now. Or you can just get one at one of him personally at one of his up and coming Euro shows.

Is it worth it? Yeah it's worth it!

For I Am joins Bearded Punk Records squad Posted 02 Feb 2016

Over the past few years, the punk rock community has become a close family to me. A family that’s always been there for me during the rougher times in my life. My best friends in the world (the most beautiful human beings you'll ever meet), conveniently enough, all play in the same band together. Needless to say that I really, really, really wanted them to join our label.

I’ve watched these guys (and gal) grow from being a very promising fun bunch on stage to a major force to be reckoned with, within the Belgian punk rock scene. In under 8 months they’ve completely sold out the entire first pressing of their debut EP, headed out on their very first European tour and played with punk rock greats as The Smith Street Band, ASTPAI and Chumped. Their debut EP ’15 Minutes Late’ is a small masterpiece and it would be a shame to deny everyone that still has to discover it the pleasure of being able to physically purchase it. Sooo… We’re SO thrilled (really, really, really thrilled…) to announce that the amazing For I Am will re-release 15 Minutes Late via Bearded Punk Records and thus make our cosy little family EVEN cooler!

15 Minutes late will be available again just in time for Valentines day but you can already pre-order the thing! We'll keep you updated on more insanely cool For I Am news very soon, in the meantime kick back, relax, go give these sweethearts a like and re-listen to one of the funnest Belgian punkrock EPs in the last 10 years…

Listen to Hans Roofthooft (F.O.D.) & Red Cloud’s split EP in full NOW! Posted 15 Jan 2016

You know how you get something special in hands and want to share it with the world like immediately? Well we got our greasy fingers on a fine little gem a good month ago and we’ve felt SO bad for keeping it to ourselves all of this time. Today the moment’s finally here to let Hans Roofthooft and Red Cloud’s split out of his solitary confinement (aka my downloads folder) and into your ears!

When we say special, we really mean special. Not only is this the third and most solid unaccompanied release of Generation 84’s powerful vocalist Teun V.A. ( Red Cloud), but also the very first solo release of the best Belgian punk rock frontman of this generation: Hans Roofthooft. Wow oh wow what a partnering up did that turn out to be. Hans and Teun’s first conjoined solo endeavour is an honest, heartfelt, emotional ride perfect to play away this dreary Friday. From Red Clouds spine tingling cover of F.O.D.’s classic ‘Carry On’ (feat. the talented For I Am lead lady Hanne Terweduwe) to Hans Roofthooft emotionally loaded ‘Sally’. This EP is a must listen.

Get your karaoke on with You Nervous'? first single 'Just Say' Posted 27 Dec 2015

You karaoke? You can! You Nervous? whipped you up a sick first artwork video from their up and coming debut album ''Furry Tales". Unleash your inner karaoke diva by singing along to their very first single ‘Just Say’ (that youtube thingy below).

The CD release party is still planned for the 23rd of January at Gent Glas. Remember: dresscode = furry animals!

We also put a pre-order online so you can buy Furry Tales without even LEAVING YOUR HOUSE! What magical times do we live in huh?