The Priceduifkes - Complication album

The ultimate PDS compilation!

Pressed on Clear - Purple - Orange Vinyl

On the record: She Spells Disaster - Bloody Bloody Kempen - Why Not - Retards

1.Swiss Fucking Watch
2.She Spells Disaster
3.Annie's On Formaldehyde
4.Your Boyfriend Sucks (And So Do You)
5.Kill 'Em All
6.I Fucked Up
7.Mickey Is A Geezer
8.Loser Anthem
9. Smashing Cupcakes
10. Topshot
11. Thumbsucker
12. Stuck


2. How High Can You Bounce?
3. Losing You
4. Captain, We're Drinking...
5. Creep Like Me
6. This Blows
You sent
7. I Ain't Dreaming Of A White Christmas
8. Forced Entry
9. I Wanna Be Retarded