Cool stuff that happened this week: 10/01

So I decided that I would like to take out some more time to shove some bands in your face. Kinda sick of doing it everyday though, so you’re just going to have to do with a weekly overview from now on. 2016 already’s off to a great start with Cayetana releasing a new EP, the menzos announcing a new album and the Offspring selling their discography for like a billion dollars (good on them right?)… Here’s some other cool stuff you might have missed this week!

Free Kittens & Bread
Band with an amazing name and a lot of curly haired dudes. Their new song Brainless is an instant indie punk classic.

F.F.O.: Restorations, Rozwell Kid,...

Jonathan ‘Double Release’ Diener
Former Swellers man Jonathan Diener is one hard working dude. Both his new bands released some sweet tunes this week. Both quality.

Pizza, Beer, Vampirates
Vampirates released a killer video for ‘Holding On To Thought’, a banger straight of their last album Pizza, Beer!

Fading Into Summer
Our buddies in Aspiga have their Asian Man debut lined up for release. Fading Into Summer is the first song of their up and coming split with By Surprise. Very Lawrence Arms-y!

My Room Is A Mess
Already most relatable song title 2k16.

Hey You
Hey You! Check out this new song by The Thermals. DO IT!

<3 Menzingers <3
Lot of cool stuff to announce round total personal faves The Menzos. Greg and his brother Bobby (Captain, We’re Sinking) are heading over to the UK in just under a week to play some solo acoustic shows and I’m so excited. Double excited after hearing that they are now working on their next album! Triple excited after seeing this new session video for Kentucky Gentlemen.