Captain Kaiser


‘The Drovers Inn’ marks Captain Kaiser’s first release since their 2018 debut ’Dog Days On Deck,’ which launched the five-piece into the center of the Belgian punk scene. The band has demolished countless youth centers and greasy bars in the best possible way, making renowned punk festivals like Sjock and El Topo Goes Loco eager to add Captain Kaiser to their line-ups. 

Early 2020, ’The Drovers Inn’ was ready to press, but the pandemic urged all clubs to lock their doors and made Captain Kaiser change their plans. Today, Captain Kaiser is not only becoming a household name on leading radio stations Willy and StuBru, StuBru’s morning show host Michèle Cuvelier was even that charmed by the band that she asked them to write the soundtrack for an ad campaign about her program twice. And Knack Focus, Belgium’s number-one music mag, premiered the clip for 'Post Gig Depression'.